Crystal Bridges: American Art Museum

Since graduating college in 2013, this marks the first time I had visited Crystal Bridges American Museum of Art in Bentonville, AR. Before deciding to move to Northwest Arkansas, I researched what kind of activities there were to participate in and the types of venues existed in and around the area. This museum caught my eye immediately due to how many different types of exhibits get circulated annually. To find current exhibits at Crystal Bridges, visit here.

November of 2016, almost 4 years ago, was when I decided that Along the Shore (top left painting) by William Richards was my all time favorite painting at this American Art museum. From what I have had the opportunity to see, this painting is the most realistic depiction of water I have ever seen done with oil on canvas. Normally when looking at any painting, the closer you get, the more cracks in the picture you see due to how the paint dried or just the natural aging of time in the picture. As I continued to walk closer toward this painting, all I was able to see was just the texture of the paint, as if I was looking closely at a polaroid picture, but instead it was oil paint. The realism of this picture blew me away and still gives me a feeling of astonishment as I continue to visit this museum on a semi-annual basis. Every time I attend Crystal Bridges, I try to search for Along the Shore just to admire how its beauty has withstood the test of time and revel in one of the prettiest ocean wave scenes.

If you don’t believe me, I encourage you to go see for yourself.

From L to R: Along the Shore by William Richards, Hiroshima by Janet Sobel, Landscape by Mark Tansey, Greenland Landscape by Rockwell Kent, Green River, WY by Thomas Moran, Maman by Louise Bourgeois, Enassamishhinjijweian by Tom Uttech, Yield by Roxy Paine, Red Flower by Joseph Stella, Sussex by Roy Lichtenstein, The Harbour of Rio de Janerio by Martin Heade, Trinity by Adolph Gottlieb, and View of Mount Washington by Alfred Bircher.

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