Simeon Basil

When I was at the Six Twelve Coffeehouse & Bar the night before, I randomly met this woman named Christie Walker. It was because of her recommending me to come back to this venue to listen to Simeon Basil (@simeonbasilmusic) that I had the opportunity to engage in an interview with him.

  1. How would you describe your music? “Yearn folk, but I write what I know and my songs stem from personal experience.”
  2. How long have you been playing? “I was in a band called “Duchovnys back in 2008 and then I decided to go officially solo in 2019.”
  3. Where was your first show? “Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe in Fayetteville, Arkansas.”
  4. What is your favorite song to play? “My favorite cover song is Country Road by John Denver. I enjoy playing my original song Paper Flowers because it reminds me of love at first sight.”
  5. Describe your writing process. “There are a lot of two second picture scenes and ribbons of color that go through my mind while finding inspiration. I look for an anchor for my song and find a feeling for it to cling to.”

At the beginning of Simeon Basil’s music set, I felt that he was straining his voice to sing. The mic was not adjusted to a proper level for him to reach it properly, so he was having to arch his neck up to reach the mic to sing. I felt that all of this was just normal musicians nerves and that he was rushing the set to fit the time slot. The venue at the time of the show was pretty dead, so he could have been worried about performing with less than 10 people in a space. No one is perfect, but the set sounded rough and rushed towards the beginning. All I can say is that by then end of the night, Simeon Basil (@simeon_basil) made an extremely amazing recovery considering how the show started.

My favorite original song that Simeon Basil performed was She Makes Time. I enjoyed the innuendo within the song and the catchy tune that surrounds it. From the middle of the music set until the end of the show, I could tell he was more comfortable with performing than when he began. Though he did sing some cover songs, I truly enjoyed his originals more. There was more passion and energy throughout the performance while signing his originals in comparison to singing covers.

Simeon Basil’s EP (2019) can be listened to via Youtube, Spotify, and on his website at From listening to the EP, my favorite song on there is Low Fare. I love the upbeat spontaneity of his music and how it contrasts with the heartfelt melodic tones of the slower, softer songs. In comparison to hearing his music online, his voice is more raw and pure when viewed live. His personality on stage overall is captivating and makes you want to keep listening.

This artist has soft post punk rock vibes and also resembles the sounds of Foxpaw & Something Corporate. With so much raw potential and a passion for creating music, I appreciate the effort he is putting forth to make himself well known in the industry. I hope to hear more soon and this is definitely a “brain drain” experience to try out.

Keep exploring and remain on the path.

Video Link in Instagram:
9/27/20 @ Six Twelve Coffehouse & Bar- Simeon Basil
Copyright image: Simeon Basil

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