Into the Mount Sequoyah Woods

To run away into the woods and escape from the city is a beautiful thing. It’s one of my favorite ways to “brain drain.” When I connect with nature, I feel as if I am becoming apart of something bigger than myself. Convening with the outside world is therapeutic and is a good way to reflect on yourself.

Amongst other places to go in Northwest Arkansas, I also went hunting for locations to go hiking, walking, and just exploring nature when I first moved here. The Mount Sequoyah Woods Trail is one of the many hidden treasures inside the city of Fayetteville.

Located right behind The Cliffs & The Cliffs II apartments off of Happy Hollow Rd, The Mount Sequoyah Woods Trail offers the choice of walking on pavement or dirt. I have tried a little of both, but I recommend traveling the rugged wooded terrain to encounter the adventure of delving into the unknown.

When I first visited the Mount Sequoyah Woods in January 2017, I had discovered some outdoor art and found a large wooden teepee out in the woods. Stumbling upon this unique structure was amazing and it made me want to go camping out there. To be able to sleep in an actual teepee would be magical, but as I was sitting inside it I could only wonder, “Why haven’t I heard of this place before?”

Sometimes in life in order to find the extraordinary place, you must take a risk and explore somewhere you have never been. From one fellow adventurer to another, I encourage all of you to keep pursuing the “brain drain” and never stop seeking a magical place to reach a higher standard of consciousness.

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