The Mix Tapes

Do you want to relive what it was like listening to the radio in the 90s? This 90’s-alternative cover band based out of Springfield, Missouri is full of raw energy and performing spirit. Watching the female lead singer multitask playing 2 different keyboards, various guitars, accordion and hearing her vocal range is an experience all on its own. The Mixtapes are a must see band and one of the best cover bands I have listened to.

The last time I had the opportunity to see The Mixtapes was pre COVID-19, so this was only my 2nd time being at one of their shows. Usually I am headbanging in the front row because if you want the full experience, it is the only way (in my opinion) to enjoy any concert. Though I was in the front row this time, due to COVID-19 I unfortunately could not dance. I still was able to head bang and enjoy the show, but it still does not compare to the first time I saw them at George’s Majestic Lounge.

The Mixtapes performed a 90’s set list ranging from bands like Nirvana, The Cranberries, Violent Femmes, Hanson and even the Dixie Chicks. It was amazing watching them jump from country to pop, go back to grunge and then continue into R&B style music. The song style range they have is truly captivating.

I loved the female lead singer’s angelic high vocals mixed with the drummer’s alto tones. They meshed well together during songs and the entire band overall had good chemistry. Since playing drums is such a physically enduring artform, I really admire a drummer who knows how to sing while playing. Both the lead guitarist and the bass player were good vocally, but I did feel that at times the bass player was nervous and straining his voice.

During the show, I thought it was humorous when the drummer would accidentally get mixed up as to which song the band was playing, but then recall the set list order flawlessly. At one point, the entire band started a song wrong on accident but then recovered with ease and just laughed it off. As a person who knows how to recover well during a performance, I can appreciate the effort The Mixtapes put forth into their overall show. I definitely can’t wait to see them again.

On a side note, The Mixtapes' usual bass player was not able to perform at this show due to contracting COVID-19. The bass player that filled in during this particular show did an excellent job even though he was not the original band member.

Going to see The Mixtapes brought back nostalgic and pleasant memories within the songs they covered. I enjoyed the diversity in their performance of each song. Sometimes they chose to duplicate exactly how the song sounded in accordance with the 90’s artist who created it and other times they would put their own spin on the song and make it sound a little different, but unique. I appreciate a cover band wanting to save the authenticity of a song and still wanting to make the song their own. The Mixtapes did exactly this and sounded great doing it. Thanks for taking me back to riding around in a vehicle jamming to the music on the radio with my parents. Yay for being a 90’s baby!

Whether you are going back in time to reminisce on what once was, reflecting on the present, or delving into future endeavors, remember to find time to drain your brain from the daily grind and discover something worth listening to. Never stop searching for what art is among you. You may be surprised at the wonder you’ll find.

Video Links on Instagram:
10/17/20 @ George's Majestic Lounge- The Mixtapes

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