21c Museum Hotel Bentonville

Over three years ago, my friend Callie Edwards introduced me to an amazing art museum and hotel in Bentonville, AR. I am always intrigued getting introduced to new and interesting “brain drain” destinations because it reveals that there is more in this world than meets the eye. 21c Museum Hotel is definitely one of those places you don’t know it’s there until you walk up on it.

The first element that caught my attention was the 1962 Fleetwood Cadillac covered in pocket change parked in front of the museum hotel. This vehicle art installation Making Change was created by Monica Mahoney. I saw this change wagon and the other art shown above back in March of 2017, so I do not know if some of the art is still there on the premise. The Cadillac is site specific at the museum and an artistic production everyone should see at least once. Not only is this vehicle functional, it’s just neat to look at in general. Watch the video for better reference.

Another notable piece of art is Raise Up, created by Hank Willis Thomas. The partial picture depicted in bronze sculpture was apart of a past exhibit called “Seeing Now.” The exhibit explored the evolving visual and psychological perceptions of the 21st century, while delving into hidden forces of how information was interpreted.

Currently, 21c Museum Hotel has a local gallery featuring pieces created by artists working in the surrounding community. Elevate at Bentonville showcases works by John L Newman, Joëlle Storet, & Justin Tyler Bryant. Their art will be on display from October 2020-April 2021.

On a larger scale, the exhibit Refuge will be open to the public until January 2021. There is a wide range of artists contributing to this installation and the art collectively focuses on the struggles associated with refuge status while asking the questions surrounding the need and creation of shelter. This art display is the “brain drain” event I am most excited to see at this venue.

Don’t forget to take some time out of your week to visit your nearby 21c Museum Hotel, but specifically if you are near Bentonville, AR.

Keep searching for new paths to enrich your experience in life. Art is apart of living. Don’t stop positively draining your brain.

Top left-hand corner: Making Change by Monica Mahoney, 2015 
Bottom right-hand corner: Raise Up by Hank Willis Thomas, 2014

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