Tears of Poseidon

So, I hope all of you are ready for a band that is alternative and unconventional at the core: Tears of Poseidon. Usually I never get to witness a brand new band perform one of their first gigs, so this was an interesting experience. The show I saw marks their 2nd performance in public to date. From an audience point of view, hearing only acoustic and electric guitar with zero percussion instruments in the background can seem a bit abnormal, but Tears of Poseidon brings together an array of blended styles and artistic abilities to life on stage.

The true raw talent of Tears of Poseidon is in their original songs. Due to nerves or lack of experience, their attempt at covering well-known songs lacked tremendously in comparison. In the future I hope they focus on making their originals sound more concise than spending time doing covers not ideally designed for the lead singer’s voice range.

As new to the music scene as Tears of Poseidon is, there is room for them to grow in better executing their musical technique and building a more cohesive sound. The lead singer Ryan Baker has good diction for the most part, but a strong tendency to sing in a minor key tone a lot. This does not work for every song, specifically the covers. After a while, the sound of each cover rendition appeared repetitive and blended together making it hard to listen to. Baker’s theater background made him shine as a performer and his vocals sounded well put together during the originals. I loved the electric guitar skills of Tyler George. His guitar riffing throughout the entire set carried the majority of the performance and made the songs more enjoyable to listen to.

I had a good time getting to talk with Tyler (TG) and Ryan (RB) about their band and discovering more about them. Their banter during the interview was humorous and I enjoyed their enthusiasm. It makes me happy to continue seeing people chase their dreams no matter what career path or field it might be.

Let the “sit down” with Tears of Poseidon begin.

1.) How new is your band and long have you been playing? 
RB: "So we met today. No just kidding." 
TG: "Last year, we both played separately at our school's concert [at Fayetteville High School] and I really liked his singing voice. I play guitar and I can't sing. So I [asked Ryan], 'Hey, you wanna make a band?' and he [responded] 'Sure.' About maybe July [or] August of this year we actually started doing stuff because [the] pandemic happened. We started writing music separately and then we came together and clashed our ideas around August. Sounds right?"
RB: "Yeah we shared songs via discorded e-mail."    

2.) Describe your musical influences. 
TG: "Our musical tastes are entirely different." 
RB: "I like old stuff, like Panic at the Disco and I Don't Know How But They Found Me. He likes actual music. The first cover was 'Nobody Likes the Opening Band' by I Don't Know How But They Found Me." 
TG: "I am a massive metal head. We [put together] our clashing ideas. I take my complex metal riffing and he takes his really nice acoustic and we kinda just came together. On the heavier side [I listen to] Slipknot and on the lighter side Metallica."    

3.) How did you come up with the name Tears of Poseidon? 
TG: "Okay. So I was watching a Youtuber Jared Dines and he's just a guitarist I really like. He was making a bit about really bad band names and he said, 'To floss the teeth of Poseidon' and I misheard it. When repeating it to my parents I said, 'Tears of Poseidon' to which my Dad said, 'That's actually a cool name.'"    

4.) What are your goals for the future as a band? 
RB: "I have no idea. I don't know where I'll be tomorrow." 
TG: "I just got in touch today with a producer who messaged me. I have a homemade studio in my room that my Dad has been helping me collect equipment for over the years. We're going to record there and then go to that local studio to have it mastered. Then we'll send demos out [shortly after]." 

I wish Tears of Poseidon the best of luck on their musical journey and that they keep striving to develop more original songs. I look forward to seeing them build the necessary experience it takes to keep a band going for years to come. You can find Tears of Poseidon on Instagram at @tearsofposeidon

I appreciate any artist that has the guts to put themselves out there since beginning anything creative can be difficult. Though starting out is always rough around the edges, do not forget why you started doing it in the first place.

Video Link in Instagram: 
11/10/20 @ Six Twelve Coffee House & Bar - Tears of Poseidon https://www.instagram.com/p/CHf9VgsBS4a/ 

Never quit trying to create art and I look forward to uncovering the next brain drain in my midst.

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