Pussycat Harlot: SIDE B “The Dirt”


“Fuck KISS. Gene Simmons can lick my balls with his cow tongue. THAT YOU CAN PRINT!”

Jay Coxx

Have you ever put on a record or cassette and realized you started with SIDE B? This is what half of this interview will feel like at first glance. Don’t worry if you’re now just showing up. There’s more where that came from! If you need to catch yourself up on who Pussycat Harlot is, just flip it over and listen. “The dirt” is the remaining segments of audio footage captured while experiencing the Hanoi Rocks glam metal inspired band.

Pussycat Harlot consists of:
Jay Coxx (JC) - Lead Singer
Trix L'Riot (TL) - Guitarist
Elizabeth "Liz" Essex (LE) - Bass
Bryan "Animal Botanical" Guarino (BG) - Drums
Jay, how did you come to the decision of dressing in a similar style as David Lee Roth and others like him? 
JC: "Okay. As far as style goes for the whole band, I feel like it's a necessity that every band needs. [Nowadays,] we have nothing but people in jeans and flannel. [They] just look like an army of themselves. No offense."
TL: "As Caitlin sits there in her jeans and flannel."
JC: "Sorry I'm roasting you. If you're going to play this type of music, [I'll put it] in the words of Trix. 'It's entertainment business not…' How did you put it?"
TL: "It's show business not listen business."
JC: "That's it! 'Show business not listen business.'"
BG: "I'm going to get that tattooed on me."
JC: "As far as my look, David Lee Roth is a huge influence on me and so is Vince Neil of Mötley Crüe. Unlike some people, I try not to imitate or dress exactly like one person. My rule is I try and take an influence from two or more people. Create something unique that brings something new to the table."

If a movie was made about your individual life, what would the song to the opening credits be?
 LE: "'Heavy Metal Mania' by Holocaust"
 BG: "'Save Me' by Unwritten Law"
 TL: "'Riff Raff' by AC/DC"
 JC: "'Rock & Roll' by Led Zeppelin"
Why should people listen to Pussycat Harlot and what is worth noting about your music style?
 BG: "Passion."
 JC: "Well everyone is passionate, [but] they just look shitty while doing it. THAT YOU CAN TYPE TOO!"
 BG: "We're here to put on a show. [This is] why they wanna listen to us. We're here to bring life back." 
 TL: "You don't want to just listen to us. You want to see us too."
 LE: "I think people should come to see us because we're cute and wear a lot of studs."
 TL: "I think visually we are interesting and I think that we can play. You get more of your senses engaged."
 JC: "[Listening to] us, you're going to hear Mötley Crüe. We don't try and make [the cover songs we play] sound like the artist [who] made the song. We make every cover song our own. I think that's one thing that sets us apart." 
 TL: "If Mötley Crüe were a cover band, that would be Pussycat Harlot."
 JC: "Visually, you're probably going to see early Van Halen sounding like Mötley Crüe."
 TL: "If Mötley Crüe had studs."
 JC: "If Vince Neil [had the stage performance of] David Lee Roth, that's what Pussycat Harlot is."
 LE: "I'm like Nikki Sixx, [but] if he was a transsexual." 

Explain the creative thought process that went into developing your band name and logo.
JC: "The name Pussycat Harlot actually came from a band name generator website. I can't remember [the website name]. [If] you look up 'band name generator,' I'm sure you'll find it. [The first name] it came up with was 'Kittycat Harlot.' I [thought], 'Okay, that sounds like [it] has potential.' I needed a way for [the name to] draw attention and be a little bit controversial to [the point] where people [would see] the name, look twice, [and then] tell their friends about it. So, PUSSYcat Harlot was the name I came up with. [While coming up with the logo,] I think [Trix] told me to make something that was '50s style."
 TL: "Something you'd see on the side of a bomber."
 JC: "I drew up the logo and then had [Trix transfer the image onto] photoshop [to] make it look nice. I really wanted to create a logo that both men and women would want to wear [in order to not] exclude one group. I know a lot of bands' logos and everything [are] kind of 'male oriented.' I think if women see [our] logo on a shirt or whatever, their [reaction will be] 'Oh! I want that shirt!'"
 LE: "As long as we get to call all of our fans 'pussycats.'"
 BG: "Or harlots."
 JC: "[We could] just call them 'pussy harlots.'"
 TL: "The nice thing about it is I don't think [the name is] controversial. No one's going to get in trouble for saying [it]."
 BG: "But you feel like you might." 
Pussycat Harlot logo by Jay Coxx
Video Link on Instagram: 
1/9/21 @ Springdale, AR - Pussycat Harlot 

May “the dirt” be as entertaining enough to read as it was to collect. I look forward to seeing Pussycat Harlot at their debut show and they have potential to do great things in the future. Keep draining your brain to positive outlets and never give up on your aspirations in life.

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