Exploring Finger Park

I was at a dark place in my life when I first discovered Finger Park. In April of 2017, it was the first time I had ever experienced a natural disaster and know what it’s like to have Mother Nature humble your life. From the darkness of enduring that flood, I was forced into a different part of town and introduced to this natural hide-a-way. The next 7 months would be spent walking around this trail. Through spending so much time here, it gave me a reason to get back into nature photography again. I have experienced Finger Park in every season as well as seeing the creek in every stage from overflowing to dry. I have hiked this trail in every weather condition and have even seen this place used as a camping ground. There is so much to this place than meets the eye.

To locate this seemingly off the beaten path hiking trail in the middle of Fayetteville, Arkansas is not difficult. It’s right off of M.L.K Jr. Boulevard down either Farmers Road or W Farmers Road. Both roads will lead you to Finger Park. It’s also within walking distance of Wal-Mart off of M.L.K Jr. Boulevard and behind a Verizon cellphone store. Since I know there are people like me who can only understand directions if they physically go to the place, here’s the address to Finger Park: 1525 S. East Farmers Drive.

The entire trail goes in one big circle and there are three ways to begin your journey: the main bridge in the middle, across the ditch to a trail head on the left, and into the woods on a trail head on the right. Finger Park has a lot of uphill action, but it levels out a little bit once you reach the top. There are so many ways to go about walking this trail and discover hidden cliffs and other natural beauty. Exploring the creek bed is an adventure all on it’s own and it runs the entire length of the trail. Though this trail is advertised as a place to go mountain biking, I have seen very few people actually ride their bike at Finger Park. In my opinion, this trail is made more for hiking because of how much the creek contributes to the wash out of the trail creating a rocky terrain. I have found gaps in the earth that appear as if they go for miles down on this trail. While standing on the bank of the creek, I have observed tree roots exposed and creeping out of the dirt like jungle vines. Steps along this trail vary from the natural made stones to railroad planks embedded into the earth. This trail is perfect for anyone who is a seasoned hiker or someone who is wanting to experience nature for a leisurely walk into the woods.

I recommend exploring Finger Park for the simple reason as this: It makes you forget that you’re in a city at all. This place is ideal for anyone searching for a “brain drain” and desire to connect with the natural landscape close by. Finger Park isn’t advertised very well and doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. I have created so many memories here and will continue to visit in the future.

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