Fall Child: At First Glance

At first glance, this hard rock group already looks like they can deliver a high intensity set backed with energetic lyrics. Due to the unconventional use of bass, this causes them to stand out from most bands I have seen in the past. Based out of Northeast Oklahoma, Fall Child is quickly making a name for themselves since their inception of 2019. I love the amount of passion their style of music brings to a stage and how upbeat it is. Though this band is fairly new, their performance alone alludes the audience to think differently. From my own personal experience of viewing newer bands, Fall Child is worth seeing. I feel they put the reception of their music as a high priority while striving to be the most memorable band at any show they play at.

Fall Child consists of:
 Cody Slane (CS) - Vocals/Guitar 
 Sam Blossom (SB) - Guitar 
 Worm Chuculate (WC) - Lead Bass 
 Steven Rankin (SR) - Drums  

This brief interview showcases two different sides to Fall Child: mildly serious and downright silly. I hope the contrast is enjoyable and makes you smile.

Which song(s) that you perform do you feel represents your band the best and why?
CS: "Probably 'Adrenaline.'"
SB: "'Adrenaline' for sure."
CS: "I like 'Awake' too."
SB: "'Awake' is a good one. I have fun on that one."
CS: "I think the reason why ['Adrenaline'] just sticks so much is 'cause that was the very first song that was written for this band and it was also the very first song that we released/recorded. We all gelled on that. We all came together and everybody did their own part. It was really fun to write it and it was a jammin' little song."
SB: "[I like the] context [for 'Awake']. I think we all have our spot to shine. Our bass player [Worm] does an unconventional style of bass. He uses a fucking wall, but he's the lead bass player. I joke around and tell everyone, 'He's our lead bass player.' He's really good and it's great. He does unique shit. I think we sound good on the song 'Awake.' It's really tight."
SR: "If you want one definitive song, I would probably say 'Cryptic' because it melds together really well when it shouldn't and it makes you wanna jump."
Describe yourself using food items and why?
SB: "I'm a piece of crazy bread. Everyone wants me while I'm hot, [but] once I'm cool no one wants nothing to do with me. People just take, take, take from me. Pop Rocks too."
WC: "Wild onion. I'm wild and I stink."
SB: "He's got a lot of layers."
CS: "I guess I am just going to have to go with a reaper pepper. I love those things. You don't know what you're getting when you bite into one. It could be hot as shit, or it could be less hot as shit. You know what I'm saying?"
SB: "You're a cherry pepper."
CS: "Fuck you."
SR: "I would say probably a potato. I'm good with the meats and once you get me, I'm nothing but sugary starch. Does that make sense?" 

To stay connected with Fall Child, follow them on Facebook and Instagram for now!

Video Link on Instagram: 
2/19/21 @ George's Majestic Lounge - Fall Child

STAY TUNED! A band preview of Endfall is coming up next!

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