Endfall: On the Surface

Going strong since 2015, this unique hard rock fusion band out of Northwest Arkansas knows how to energize a crowd while projecting an emotional connection. I appreciate the raw passion Endfall brings to the table as well as the “dad joke” style stand-up placed intermittently during their song transitions. Some may view it as annoying or silly, but I see it as a comedic relief to contrast the high emotional intense music being showcased. There is never a dull moment when this Endfall hits the stage and the band members have a strong cohesive sense of togetherness that speaks volumes when they put on a live show. Though Endfall performs quite a few cover songs, they are not strictly a cover band at all. Self-defined as “cathartic rock,” this group has created many original songs which includes their latest EP Sick Love and their single “Broken and Bleeding.” The future of this band looks bright as Endfall continues to pave the way in their musical career by utilizing pure creative determination and exploring visually perplexing music video concepts.

Endfall consists of:
 Holly "Sparrow" Wrobel (SW) - Vocals 
 Alexander Schnedler (AS) - Lead Guitar
 Spencer Coles (SC) - Guitar 
 Matthew Smith (MS) - Bass/Scream Vocals 
 Eric Anthony (EA) - Drums  

Experience the inspirational ramblings of Endfall as they discuss the creative process behind their music and give a quick preview of what’s next!

Are your songs based on personal experiences or do you pull inspiration from other sources? 
SW: "Initially when we were writing, [it] was more kind of 'outsider perspective' on things and a lot of angsty shit. With the new stuff that we have been writing, I've been trying to be more vulnerable and write things that are actually going on. As far as the instruments, I know Eric's done the song 'Drown' that we had on our EP. He had played it because he had a family member with cancer. He sent the track and I [thought,] 'Oh my god! I totally have something that goes along with it.' I didn't even know the story at that point 'cause I was so new at the time. It was one of the first [songs] that we had written and so it kind of tripped [Eric] out a little bit."
EA: "I remember. [Sparrow] had hit me with the lyrics and I [thought,] 'Oh wow!' It's hard to part with that song if we ever have to take it out of the set 'cause it's like our baby."
SW: "It [had] its own meaning for [Eric]. For me, I was just writing about my own issues in the past with mental health and stuff like that. I was also studying psychology and I worked in behavioral health. I was around it all the time, so it was hard not to internalize a lot of what was going around." 
MS: "Instrumentally I feel at this point, we have a Google Drive set up. All the new songs that are currently being worked on or what we've played tonight [are] mostly just me, Alex, Spencer, and Eric just like throwing stuff in the Drive. If [Sparrow] finds something that sparks inspiration, she just writes lyrics to it, finishes the song and then we're [thinking,] 'Hey! Let's see where this goes.' That's really the creative process. It's either Eric writes something or [sometimes] I write something. We're all multi-instrumentalist at some point. We often make the joke that there's 4 guitarists in the band and 1 vocalist. It's one of those things where we have an idea [and] we put it down. [Sometimes Sparrow] finds or has something that is already worked on and she goes, 'This fits!' and we make a whole song out of it essentially."
SW: "It's just kind of like a crapshoot."
MS: "Some [of us] might write a whole song, [but Sparrow will say,] 'Hey! I've actually got lyrics to this already.' and then we'll finish a song."
SW: "Or somebody says, 'Hey! I have like 3 bars. Let's do something with it.'"
MS: "[Here's] a recent example. We've been working from home due to the snow and the weather. On my lunch break, I went upstairs to my studio space since we're all working out of my apartment. In my apartment and my spare bedroom is where most of the YouTube videos are. Essentially what happened at lunch break [I was thinking,] 'I'm really pissed off. I need to write something to get something off my chest.' I wrote a chorus and a verse part. The next thing I know after I sent it to the band chat, [Sparrow] texted me and said, 'Actually, [I] now have a chorus to [that verse part.]' So we are currently experimenting with what we got at this point." 
Are there any other music projects that your band is currently working on? 
MS: "Our next cover is [going to be] 'Butterflies' [from] the new album of Bring Me the Horizon. Amy Lee did the vocals on it. Now we have 2 years of covers planned out."
SW: "So, honestly we started doing the covers just to keep us in shape as far as recording. It keeps us all on our toes really."
EA: "COVID-19 really jump-started us. We needed an online presence."
SW: "So we did. We [thought] this was the perfect time to try and actually build an online presence because so many larger venues and stages judge everything based on how many likes you got, how many views you have on YouTube."
MS: "I [have] been [also] experimenting with green screens [for the newest cover song]. It's going to be fun!" 

To stay in touch with Endfall, follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, their main website, call at 479-721-8613, or email them at endfallofficial@gmail.com.

Video Link on Instagram:
2/19/21 @ George's Majestic Lounge - Endfall

Next show for Endfall will be March 20 at The Venue Shrine in Tulsa, OK.

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