Welcome to Goop World!

Prepare yourself to enter a world that you may have never seen or experienced before. It might appear “strange or unusual.” Trust me. It’s fine. The Pevensie children had the wardrobe that led them into Narnia, Rick Sanchez formed Froopyland out of a collapsed quantum tesseract, but from the mind of Natalia Franco sprouts the realm of Goop World. The artist uses exaggerated features in creating characters that give off a dystopian or tilted view of society. To some people these pieces may appear off-putting, but they are intended to be constructed in such a way to make the viewer look within and beyond what they are actually seeing. “Have you ever wondered what would happen if all of your insides turned to ‘goop’?” Natalia Franco has and it’s through this inspiration that has brought forth the art pieces you see here.

Never be afraid to step out of the world you know in order to discover something new and unknown. I hope all of you one day have the opportunity to experience what it’s like to peer into the window that is Goop World.

What inspired the creation of Goop World & what is it?
"Goop World is a term that covers my entire art world. Have you guys ever seen Sherlock [Holmes] and you know how he has his 'mind palace'? I see Goop World as my mind palace where I store all of my imagination, pull from things and create from there. When I create, I am creating [the] physical world of that. Since I create a lot of characters, it brings together that feeling of a world [and] it's kind of like piecing [it all] together. I was just drawing one day and it's actually that sticker right there. That was the first 'Goop' thing I ever drew. The inspiration behind it was, 'What if your insides all turned into goop and what would happen? [Would it] come out your ears, your eyes and everything?' It's really random and [the sticker] is an interesting piece. I just kind of stuck to the whole 'goop' thing. I made an installation that year at NWACC. 'The Shriek' is from that installation. I had created all these characters and it was the first time that Goop World [had] really come together in a big physical place. After [the installation,] I [thought,] 'Yeah! Goop World. I love it.' I feel like it really resonated with me, so after that I kept going with the name."

Top photo credit: Natalia Franco
L to R: "Goop" sticker & "The Shriek"
Describe your artistic background and how does it influence your art?
"Well, I have always been very creative. My parents say that I was an energetic child and always running around. I have always been very 'expressionate' and my parents are really supportive. I would do art classes, dance classes and all that kind of stuff. As I grew older, I always had artistic hobbies. I got into photography and [towards] the ending years of high school, I was into make-up for a while. I was gonna become a make-up artist. [After] I took ceramics at my high school, it changed pretty much. I realized I could use all of these skills from photography, make-up all together in my art. It was this big moment of 'Wow! I really know what I love to do.' [Soon after,] I came [to NWACC] and I've been here [ever] since just taking ceramics."

What do you hope audiences will see and feel when they enter Goop World?
"I've always felt really alienated in the way that I am [in general. This includes] the things that I like [or] do and the way that I dress. I have always felt alone and I also struggle with mental [health]. When I create my world [through] my artwork and share [it] with people, I feel it's a safe space for people who are just like me [that] don't know who they are completely. I hope when [people] see my sculptures they [will think,] 'I don't know how or why, but I feel drawn to these emotions, colors, [and] forms.' I just want people to not feel as alone and that they do have a safe space whether they realize it or not."

What types of art or artists have influenced your art?
"Everything. I jump from interest to interest to interest at 1,000 mph. I'm 21 years old and I feel like I've had so many different interests. I feel that my art is a big cumulation of all these different things. I [used to be] into doll photography. I would make everything and craft so hard for my dolls. I [even] made an awesome treehouse stand and clothes for them. I wanted to get into doll customization where you completely re-do the faces and do 'face ups.' I take a lot of things from that and use [it] in my art now. [My interests] in anime and cosplay definitely influenced me in terms of aesthetics and color schemes. [By] doing cosplay, [I gained] make-up [and] outfit [making] skills. Photography [was also an influence.] I feel that my art is so many things all in one. I feel that's what makes it. It's a 'goop pile.'"

1st row: "Sushi Night"

2nd row L to R: "Succumb", "Where You Are Right Now", & "Protection Through Connection"
Do you have a favorite art piece from your collection or one that speaks to you the most?
"I feel like they're all like pieces of me, so it's kind of hard to choose. In terms of [being] really personal and [putting] a lot into it, 'Succumb' is a piece close to my heart. Ones that I really love are 'Sushi Night', 'Where You Are Right Now', and 'Protection Through Connection'. I just love the color schemes."

Is Goop World being displayed anywhere in the near future and what are some of your plans?
"I've had Goop World displayed at NWACC. My next step I'm trying to get to is connecting with galleries [and be displayed elsewhere.] I am really proud of these pieces. I hope [for my art] to take place in galleries this year."
“Decaying From a Distance”
3/12/21 @ Integrated Design Lab: NWACC - Natalia Franco, creator of Goop World

To discover more art done by Natalia Franco, please visit their Instagram: @goopw0rld or email them at goopygloopyart@gmail.com .

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