Midnight Wagon

Experiencing Midnight Wagon was like watching a bomb go off, but you survived and felt better from the exposure. Believe it or not, my hometown of Waldron is only 35 miles away from the band’s origin in Mena, Arkansas. It makes me happy to see that big achievements can still be created out of small places in Arkansas. As soon as they walked on stage and plugged in, it was instant energy from start to finish. Though the vocals were at times lost in distortion, the sound paired well with the punk-indie-rock style of the group. Throughout the set, I enjoyed seeing how the songs varied in style and tempo. The songs that sounded more on the side of pop rock reminded me of a band called The Pink Spiders and others gave off vibes of Suicidal Tendencies. Midnight Wagon’s ability to be versatile in style, but still keep a crowd engaged was memorable and entertaining. This band even knows how to control a crowd filled with the rowdy MILFs they invited to their show.

Midnight Wagon consists of:
Ian Garrett (IG) - Guitar/Vocals
Nick Holman (NH) - Guitar
Torrey Voisin (TV) - Drums
Trevor Speight (TS) - Bass

Feel free to embrace some small town nostalgia as you get to know this up & coming new band!

What do you feel has kept your band intact through dealing with the pandemic?
TS: "The thing that probably kept us intact is that we were already friends before [the pandemic.]"
NH: "Friendship is magic."
ALL: "Friendship is magic."
IG: "[And] our producer, Dave Schiffman."
TV: "He's a big motivator. He's like legit. He's a really good producer."
TS: "To be clear, we've only worked with him remotely. It hasn't been in person. [Dave] lives in L.A."
TV: "[To know] that he [was] backing us was sort of like a motivator to work on stuff."
IG: "[It was] friendship and Dave Schiffman."

What has been your range of venues and where have you played previously?
IG: "So, our first show was in a fellowship hall at a church after a school dance [in Mena, Arkansas.]"
TV: "[We've] just been all around Arkansas."
IG: "Not really all around Arkansas."
TS: "Northwest and central."
IG: "When we started out, no one wanted to book us."
TS: "We were 18 [years old.]"
IG: "The first place that did book us was this place in Hot Springs, Arkansas called Maxine's"
TS: "[The venue] said nice things about and to us."
TV: "We've played there a couple of times."
IG: "[Maxine's] has also been supportive of us too."

What does being an artist mean to you?
TS: To me, it's really just an expression of creativity and emotion. That's how I approach anything artistic. 
IG: I have to second Trevor on that one.
NH & TV: Yeah.
TS: Also, it's a lot of fun. Good way to not be bored.
IG & TV: It is a lot of fun.
IG: The reason we started this band is 'cause we were bored.
TS: We also had a name that we thought was funny. That was a very powerful motivator. [Our band name] sounds like a car or [the name of car.]
Talk about some of the history about your band.
TS: It began with Torrey and I. Like I said, we had a name that we thought was a combination of stupid and funny. We thought, 'It's a hilarious band name. We should do that.' The idea was kind of idle for a few months. [After that] we got Ian, who had been playing instruments for a long time. 
TV: [Ian] started with drums, then bass and [finally] guitar. 
TS: [Ian] was really progressing in guitar at this point, so then we just started jamming and writing music. After about six months to a year, we scrapped all of it, started over and then got a little bit better at it. 
IG: We found [Nick].
TS: [Ian and Nick] were actually childhood neighbors.
IG: We saw some shit together.
NH: We used to play Star Wars in the yard together with plastic light sabers. It was so fun.
IG: We were mutually afraid of our 'junkie' neighbors, so we bonded over that.
NH: I joined a little later because I am a year younger than the rest of them.[I showed up] in 2018. 
TV: We didn't make anything until..
IG: Late 2017.
TS: We tried to make stuff for a while. One of our very long standing challenges was we couldn't figure out or agree on how we wanted to sound and what kind of music we wanted to make. It's a lot of what kept us from making any meaningful progress.
IG: When you have 4 really strong minded individuals in one room together who [think], 'I really like this, but we should make this,' it [doesn't] pan out [with] no one compromising.
NH: It was especially a pain when I first joined because I was really pretentious. I only listened to metal when I was a teenager. I branched out a lot now, but back then I [thought,] 'I only want to write chunky shit and yell.'
IG: [Nick] is the only one who is like deep into the more extreme styles of metal. We all listen to different forms of metal, but he was like deep in that shit. Since we both play guitar, [Nick] has taught me a lot about creative riff writing. I feel like I wouldn't [have] progressed as far in my riff writing if it wasn't for him being so headstrong in the metal shit. 
NH: Honestly, I feel like we balance each other out a lot too. As far as other genres, I have a really hardcore, classical Spanish influence. I just grew up listening to that. My sister is also a guitar player and she listened to a lot of Andres Segovia. So I have a little bit of a Spanish background. It's really interesting because [Ian] has more of a jazzy background as far as outside of rock and metal.
IG: Outside of the music we make, it's been jazz.

Is there any new or up & coming content happening in the future?
IG: We have an EP coming out with Dave Schiffman. He engineered and semi-produced it. 
TS: We just finished it 3 weeks ago. 
IG: We finished the EP in our apartment.
NH: We did. We recorded ourselves and then we sent it off to Dave. He mixed and mastered it [to] make it sound not like shit.
ALL: We're working on a name [for the EP.]
TS: Right now we are developing a promotional for [the EP] and figuring out how we're going to do it. We're hoping to announce it in May and release it in June [of this year]. 
Logo of Midnight Wagon
Video Link on Instagram:
3/20/21 at George's Majestic Lounge - Midnight Wagon

Keeping up with Midnight Wagon is as easy as following them on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Bandcamp, Spotify or email them at midnightwagonofficial@gmail.com

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