EP “Sick Love”: Endfall

Here we are at #3! I appreciate Endfall giving me the opportunity to talk about their EP titled “Sick Love”. Per usual with any of my music reviews, I will be reviewing each song one at a time. This commentary is based on how the music made me feel, think, the vibes the song gave off, and some technical music critiques. Please be aware that I am throwing out flavors and pop culture references that the audience might point out or mention while listening to each of these songs. This EP was overall enjoyable to listen to and I like how each song highlights a different aspect of the band itself. For the record, I will not be commenting on the 2015 versions of the songs “Moments in Vain” and “Drown”. If you truly want to get to know Endfall, then go get a copy for yourself here.

Endfall's EP: 
1.) Bed... 2.) Nicotine... 3.) Moments in Vain... 
4.) Drown... 5.) To the Wolves... 
6.) Moments in Vain (2015 Version)... 7.) Drown (2015 Version)
1.) Bed
The lyrics literally walk up and grab you by the face as the opening riff emits Nu metal combined with mid 00s alternative rock energy that leaves you wanting more. The bold statement, "I just have a feeling you would look good in my bed." presents the listener with the ultimate role reversal while breaking gender barriers. This song puts a modern feminist spin on the basic hook-up story by emphasizing how the power of consent can conquer even in the midst of an inebriated encounter. The drums hit hard for this song in order to remain upbeat and in your face without being forced too hard. During the chorus and even towards the end of the song, the lead singer shows off their vocal range by overlaying intense melodic harmonies. The overall style of this song portrays bands such as Paramore with a rougher Evanescence vocal style. This track intentionally sucks you into listening to the rest of the EP. 

2.) Nicotine
The inspiration for this song sounds as if it came out of a therapy session that focused on breaking out of a depressive state of mind. For the most part, the arrangement leans hard into alternative metal while emulating elements of Three Days Grace. Though there is a slow build up to the beginning of this song, it soon explodes into upbeat guitar riffs accompanied by intense melodic verses. The overarching theme within this song can only be speculated on from listener to listener. Bringing to light the harmful effects of inner self-criticism and comparing toxic relationships to alcoholism and nicotine addiction was my initial reaction. The lyrics, "You're just the liquor on my lips. I'm still your nicotine. You're just the life I left behind. I'm still your everything." speak volumes in my eyes. The guitar and bass shine in this song as they ebb & flow to create a somber, but energetic mood for the song. By the time the lead singer says, "Where do we go now?" The guitarists already have somewhere in mind to take the listener.

3.) Moments in Vain
Out of the entire EP, this track highlights the wide vocal range and the lead singer's ability to incorporate screaming and yelling into their singing style. The instrumentals play a huge part as the bassline and drums keep the focus of the song moving forward. This is only a personal choice, but I want there to be more audible back up vocals during parts of the chorus.  The words "Moments in vain" become a part of a layered repetitive chorus resembling post grunge and melodic rock. The call and response pattern was used heavily in the lyrical design overall. The verses are put into the form of questions and the main chorus is the answer. Though the basic song structure could be compared to "Colors" by Crossfade, the instrumental cohesiveness and energy from Endfall make this track hit harder and sound better. Lyrics stating, "Have you ever hated all your actions and the consequences? Have you ever found yourself in new disasters with old addictions?" ask the listener to self reflect about themselves. I appreciate how the song blatantly brings awareness to important social issues such as mental health and drug abuse.

4.)  Drown
This track is by far the most emotionally charged of them all. The musical composition in the first 30 seconds of the song is very reminiscent of Skillet. In the opening intro and outro measures there are sounds that appear to mimic string instruments and even a piano. While listening, I wondered if it could be guitars imitating the sounds of other instruments as well. I have always enjoyed a simplistically composed and straight forward executed song. Here, the singer contrasts all the other tracks previous by presenting a more clean, less aggressive sound and using clear diction to emphasize the lyrics' powerful message. When I had the opportunity to interview this band, they discussed the inspiration behind the making of this song and how it was created. To find out more, go read it here.

5.) To the Wolves
My initial thought when listening was the first 30 seconds reminded me of the intro to "Bleed It Out" by Linkin Park. String instruments make an appearance in the background in the beginning, as well as heavier guitar riffs and drum beats throughout. During the chorus, the call and response pattern is used yet again along with the overlapping of softer vocals. I really enjoyed how the bass and drum parts shine overall. During the brief break towards the end, the fading drums make it appear the song is over, but the change in musical tone brings the listener full-circle as the band let's loose into a melodic rock meets heavy metal performance. This track also had composition elements similar to "All Around Me" by Flyleaf. What makes this song memorable is equal parts intense lyrics integrated with hardcore instrumentals. There is a balance that can be heard from within. 

Want to discover Endfall?

Follow them on YouTube, Instagram @endfallofficial, Twitter @endfallofficial, Facebook, call at 479-721-8613, or email them at endfallofficial@gmail.com

Video Link on Instagram:
2/19/21 @ George's Majestic Lounge - Endfall

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