Brittany Platt: Vivid Transformations

Have you ever been told you couldn’t do something? Were you restricted in a way that felt like it was out of your control? Are you letting an outside influence tell you how to live your life? Brittany Platt aka That Chick that Does Hair stared down their personal battles in the face while continuing to pursue the art of hairdressing. It’s quite ironic how this artist rose into a career that their previous religious background forbade them to do so. They have an adventurous obsession with taking average hairstyles and transforming them into looks that emit aesthetics of grunge and alternative punk. Brittany Platt is eager to vividly transform your hair into a design that is uniquely you!

Through the entire process of getting my hair done at Salon VERVE, I felt like Brittany listened to my ideas and reassured me of everything that was being done in the process. In the past, I have had my hair design choices questioned up to the point where the hairstylist manipulated me into compromising my hair dreams for a subdued version of what I wanted. In comparison, this artist provided an entirely positive experience altogether. No matter what you envision your hair to be, Brittany is the type of hairstylist that wants to learn, experiment and grow in order to accomplish the look you desire most. This is a skill and attribute that I hope every hairstylist can know how to do. Why settle for subpar, when deep down you want to go beyond a normal style of hair?

Get ready to sit down and immerse yourself in the technicolored dream world of That Chick that Does Hair!

In my personal opinion, I have always felt that hairdressing requires a lot of technical skills involving all the detailed processes that are performed. I have always seen it as a very personal type of art. I wanted to know their thoughts on what set hairdressers apart from other types of artists and the art they produce. Their answer was simply put in saying, "I feel like other types of art are more [about] just your expression. [As] a hairstylist, you have to take into account the other person's style. It's not just for you. I'm not gonna just go and do whatever I want. Ya know? I want to make the client happy. That's the biggest [difference]. I feel like there is more order to [hairstyling]. You have the creativity with using vivids, but there is a set order to doing everything [with hair]." 

The journey it took for this artist to get to where they are now in the hairstylist industry constitutes as a monumental testament and speaks volumes to their growth as an individual. Brittany had no problem discussing their in-depth, personal story to inspire others. "[After going] through a separation, [I] found myself with no career and no way to support myself. I was pretty much at the point of wanting to try to get on disability for mental health issues because I couldn't hold down a 'normal' job. My mom [told me], 'I'll pay for you to go to hair school. I'll help you out if you want to go try one more thing.' I was really suicidal when I entered beauty school. [Before becoming a hairstylist,] I would cut my own hair and even my kids' hair. When I got into beauty school I felt like I had kind of a head start because I learned a little bit of trial and error from [doing my own hair.] Starting at Career Academy of Hair Design in Fayetteville, Arkansas in October 2020 I found out that I was good [at doing hair]. After a few months, I really liked it. I felt like the validation from my instructors [believing in my work] gave me the motivation to get better [as a hairstylist]. [Doing hair] gave me a sense of purpose and a creative outlet. [Being able] to help other people feel pretty makes me feel good. I graduated October of 2021 and I have 1500 hours per the requirements of the state of Arkansas. My Pentecostal background taught me how to do up-dos 'cause when you have knee length hair, that's all you do. I haven't cut my hair for fifteen years. It's kind of funny that I went from not being able to trim my hair [due to my previous religious beliefs to] now cutting people's hair."

The inspiration of this artist derives solely from unique and alternative punk styles. When speaking further on other influences that stimulate their creativity, their statement was unanimous in stating, "Definitely the celebrity hair stylist Guy Tang. He is so awesome and apart of the LBGTQAII+ community. [Guy] does so much rainbow hair and does all these tutorials on how to do hair. One time, Guy Tang even answered me back via their Instagram. Another inspiration of mine is @unicorn_manes_bymykey via Instagram. He is just as awesome and makes people so happy with his stuff. I feel like it's fun and if you do stuff like this, it's not 'work.'"

As an artist, you always are continuing to strive to set yourself apart from others. It can seem exhausting, but it's exhilarating at the time. Overall, it's good to know what makes yourself special. The core distinguishing feature that sets Brittany Platt apart from other hairstylists is their ability to give everything towards creating art. They go on further to say, "If I am interested in something, I give it 2000%. I go so hard at it. I want the haircuts I do to not just be good for me because that's a walking billboard for myself. That's my reputation. I want the haircut to be good for the client and I try to make it as symmetrically perfect as possible.  Before I became a hairstylist, I was always into weird hairstyles similar to Yolandi Visser from the group Die Antwoord. I used to want to get my hair cut in these weird ways or anime type styles. When I would go to the salon, the hairstylist either wouldn't know how to cut it or just wouldn't at all. They would even say to me, 'Are you sure you want your hair like this?' I felt like the hairstylist wouldn't listen to me. I want to be the type of hairstylist that wants to create unique hairstyles for people that other hairstylists refuse to do and actually listen to the client. It's about making them happy, not about doing what you want."

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Salon VERVE is located: 2907 E Joyce Blvd, Fayetteville, AR 72703
OPEN M-F & Sat 10 AM-6 PM
**Photo credits: Brittany Platt @thatchickthatdoeshair **

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