G Wilokers: Wacky Expressionism within EDM

this is a public service announcement:

What is that obnoxious sound playing over the loud speaker? Is it a monster attacking The metropolis? no, It’s better. what you’re about to hear is what this deviant calls ‘music.’ keep listening in order to increase perception. there’s no way to stop it. the creator of this noise is a terrible fiend that goes by the name of G wilokers.

Not only have I interviewed this artist before when they were a drummer in a former Mötley Crüe cover band, but I have enjoyed watching them grow into the electronic dance music (EDM) producer they are today. This interview not only gave me the opportunity to document a different kind of performance art, but also learn about music I am least familiar with. The only EDM artists I have ever been exposed to were Marshmello, deadmau5, Daft Punk and Haddaway. I really appreciate Bryan Anthony aka G Wilokers discussing their artistic endeavors and briefly introducing me to the EDM industry. If you’re new here, than I hope this article offers a little bit better understanding and gives a short educational overview of the genre of EDM.

Let’s get to know underneath this goofball of an artist and see how deep we can go into the disruption.

Have you heard of the term "gee willikers"? It's a mid 19th century phrase used to express the feelings of surprise, enthusiasm or exasperation. Naturally I couldn't help but ask this artist to explain their thought process in developing their stage name. Bryan's story began long ago, or at least over a decade. "It started back when I was younger in the military and I was in my early 20s. I had just started getting into EDM at that time. I'd always kind of heard it and liked it. [At the time when I was listening to] EDM, [the genre] was starting to refresh. There was new music coming out and new artists were making a lot of changes to how EDM really sounded. I always joked and said, 'If I ever DJ'd or wrote that kind of music, I'd call myself G Wilokers.' I never knew how serious I was about it. At heart, I like to think of myself as a deep artist [that happens to be a goofball]."
To discover the influences of an artist is like uncovering what gives someone inspiration. G Wilokers delves right into the subgenres of EDM that influence their artistic musical expression. "I like elctro house, funk house and retrowave. I like to sprinkle bits of retro wave on top of what I've already written. I'm not interested in writing something that belongs in a video game. I want something that you'll dance to, but also has that taste of retro.  One of my top favorite DJs that got me into EDM for the very first time is DJ Irene. She is not very active these days. The song that changed my life was 'Acid Eaters.' This song is just nuts and funny."
Now this is where the educational part of this article comes in. One aspect of this particular artform that I wanted to know more in depth was the differences between the act of producing EDM and performing as a club DJ. To the public eye, these two strikingly different roles can appear similar. I want to unblur the lines. G Wilokers begins the crash course lesson by saying, "There are some people in the EDM industry that don't mind being called either DJ or producer. [On the other hand,] there are some that would prefer to not be referred to as DJs. [EDM artists] think DJing is just a consequence because of how EDM is performed live, unless you want to put together a band of people playing synthesizers. DJing can be as complex as playing guitar if you want it to be. There are people who take DJing that seriously, but may not produce their own music. There are people who are really good at producing music, but they don't really DJ. EDM artists use DJ equipment in order to learn the bare bones of what they need to do so they can play all of their music. Usually EDM performers have several pieces of equipment that require pressing buttons in order to mark time signatures of when to turn things on or off. Think of it like a music box that's got a tumbler with notches plucking ribbons inside. Whatever ribbon it plucks is whatever sample is put on. EDM is almost the same thing, but electronic."
When discussing their artistic goals for the future, one thing I can say is that G Wilokers is energetic as fuck and doesn't plan on holding back. They go on to say, "For the future, I want my live experiences to be big arena style. I think of the band Mötley Crüe and their approach when they started was [to] 'bring the arena style rock show to the bar.' I'm hoping to create the same thing for whoever is experiencing my show. For me, it's more about the live experience being high quality. I want to put on a good show and I want people to have a good experience. I don't want people to see a DJ at the board just pumping their fists. I try to have a cool outfit, look or something a little bit more interesting than just the DJ at the board. I want to take it even further than that. If I could do it the way I want to do it, there would be flames, choreography, dancing, costumes and all kinds of wild shit going on. That's what I want to get to. My biggest goal is putting on these epic live fucking shows."

As ambitious as G Wilokers is for the future of their music career, be on the lookout for their new single and the completion of an entire album by the end of this year! They were ecstatic in talking more about their upcoming projects by saying, "The song I'll be releasing early 2022 is an introduction of myself to the audience. It's a self-titled track called 'G Wilokers'. I try to bring everything I got to that. I got wobbly basses, dorky samples [and] a monolog at the beginning. The way [this song] has been described to me before was 'If Godzilla was attacking [the city, but it's] G Wilokers.' The album I am going to release by the end of [this year] is going to be what I call a 'techno opera'. It's a little more serious than what I intend. I definitely have some goofy songs that will come out later. The album is called 'Dystopia'. What I want to do on this album is for it to be an experience. If you want to start from track one all the way to the final track, then that's an experience for you. Also, I want there to be good enough content within the album that you could come and listen to the different tracks and enjoy them all individually. I [hope] people experience [my] music the way that they want [to]. I [strive] to tell a story, but [for] audiences to interpret that story as well. It's as if a dystopian future was interpreted through EDM. I want people to have the same kind of experiences when I listen to music."

Discover G Wilokers via Facebook, SoundCloud, Instagram & visit their main website!

So what are you waiting for?

Video Link on Instagram:
12/31/21 at Moonbroch Pub

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