In Lieu by Tao of Lucy

Close your eyes and imagine walking through an empty field in the middle of no man’s land. You gaze up in the night sky to discover an obscure colored light beaming down and surrounding your body. While looking down, you find yourself standing inside an elaborately made crop circle design. Panic begins to creep into your veins, but the hypnotic droning tones melt you to the ground as you lay there. Confusion and bliss flood your mind as you willingly accept the new altered version of reality. Prepare to be transported somewhere not quite familiar to your own. The final destination remains to be known, but buckle up for the hallucinogenic ride of your life.

Are you ready to board the cargo vessel containing the Tao of Lucy?

album cover art by Spencer Marsh
Tao of Lucy consists of:
Spencer Marsh - Vocals, Guitar & Keys
Clint Austin - Lead Guitar & Vocals
Chris Aycock - Drums & Vocals

As I delved deeper, I learned that the concept story for the album was created by Spencer Marsh. As the story goes, it’s about the experiences and emotions of twin brothers Saturn and Sunday, two god-like beings at war during the birth of mankind. This narrative examines the ongoing conflict between the brothers: their affection for one another and their opposing ideologies. This album gives the listener the opportunity to view this dark, but sad journey from the viewpoint of an ancient magical bloodline.

Tao of Lucy utilizes the fantastic in combination with psychedelic doom metal characteristics within their music. At first listen, I felt as if Lynard Skynard was put to slow motion and then drowned in the aesthetics of Pink Floyd, The Doors and Led Zeppelin. Their lyric style at the core is blues rock meshed with the narratives of fantasy novels. I was immediately drawn to the lead singer’s voice due to their deep tone and blunt vocal execution. The most repetitive features throughout the EP are the bass line and the lead guitar. On each track, there is a central motif monotonously on repeat as if the chords are being banged into the listener’s brain to ensure the melody is never forgotten. Some of the guitar riffs incorporated into a few of the tracks often mimic a bluesy sound. This group definitely focuses on the distorted, but jarring instrumental mind fuck experience more than rely on lyrics to keep listeners engaged. They want to give the audience an experience that surpasses the normal music show, but at the same time lets them appreciate the music.

My favorite song: "Wood Bee King"
From the beginning, the introduction to this song emits a supernatural aesthetic. The central musical motif gives off an "other worldly" effect that becomes amplified by the bass and main guitar. The overarching theme is based around the downfall of a queen bee in their hive. The riffs and motifs are slightly less repetitive in this song than usual on this album. Psychedelic features can be observed through the droning vocal style and the guitar riff solos are similar to the style of Jimi Hendrix. At one point in the song, sounds of buzzing bees can be heard. Parts of the chorus sound like the song "Little Red Riding Hood" by Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs. I enjoy the heavy emphasis on the lyrics and the singer's diction helps the listener understand the story within. 
Photo credit: All American Pest Control Inc.
FUN FACT: Carpenter or "wood" bees are considered solitary and don't live in colonies, but in tight-nit-nests. Also, this type of bee lacks a queen and the drone stays to protect the nest.  

Experience Tao of Lucy via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, e-mail or visit their main website !


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