Tribulation by Open Addiction

Let’s be honest, I didn’t think this was possible. To hear an artist sing about their private life and feelings makes you as a listener feel more connected and realize that we all struggle with similar problems. This artist found a way to create a living representation of music being transformed into a visual coping mechanism used to overcome internalized emotional injuries. Simply put, this album from start to finish prominently features lyrical content reminiscent of “Bottom of a Bottle” by Smile Empty Soul and “I Hate Everything About You” by Three Days Grace. Due to the raw and cut throat thematic of the lyrics, it could potentially put listeners into a state of emotional shock. This isn’t a slur, but a commentary of how emotionally charged the lyrics are overall. For anyone who has endured intense societal and relationship trauma, I can see these songs being relatable and utilized as a form of therapy. This opening album lives up to its title as each song is an intricate description of the “tribulation” or suffering that went on in the lead singer’s life.

album cover art by Justin Anderson
Open Addiction consists of:
Alex Schnedler - Lead Guitar
John Savatovic - Bass
Mikey Fortin - Lead Guitar
Luis Angeles - Drums
Justin Anderson - Vocals

Open Addiction merges the instrumental stylings of early 2000s alternative rock/metal with an overlay of emo/post-grunge lyrics. At first listen, this is a classic break-up narrative that places the lead singer at the forefront of the plot. I feel as if this album was methodically planned to where each song tells a different piece of the story that describes the suffering it took to create Tribulation. This album could be interpreted as a series of emotional rock ballads due to the passionate vocal delivery with the overemphasis on clarity and diction in the lyrics themselves. The majority of the tracks are structured in an extremely blunt and straightforward manner to help spread the basic message of overcoming pain and trauma. I personally appreciate the simplicity of the lyrics themselves as they speak volumes on an emotional level.

During my listening experience, I oftentimes would catch myself being distracted by the layers upon layers of guitar riffs and intricate drum beats that gives each song its own flavor of complexity. The screaming in the background adds to the intensity and overall essence this band presents itself when performing live. Anyone who listens to generic rock music or large amounts of instrumentals will definitely enjoy listening to this artist.

My favorite song: "I Want You"
The piano instrumentals during the opening immediately throw you off as to what kind of song you're about to hear. I love when the listening expectations of what you think the track will sound like doesn't match the actual execution. It keeps you guessing and that's what the lead singer made sure to do. I enjoyed the slow build up to the chorus and how the drum beats are just as intense to match the vibe of the track. The call and response style within this song is surprisingly similar to "Losing Grip" by Avril Lavigne. It starts out slow in the verses and then the chorus is boldly belted out to emphasize the lyrics. I can't help but be drawn to the emotional passion in the lead singer's voice. On a personal level, I can relate and emphasize a great deal to the lyrics in this song. I like it mostly because it's one of the more less heavier sounding songs on this album and it highlights the vocals at their most simplistic form.
3/19/22 at JJ’s Live – Fayetteville, AR by Scott Munster @heymunster

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NEXT UPCOMING SHOW: May 20 at George’s Majestic Lounge @ 9:30 PM !

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