T.B.D.D Podcast

Welcome to the final episode…

I never thought of myself ever delving into the world of modern radio talk shows. At first I was scared to hear myself talk. I had zero expectations of anyone listening or caring about what I had to say. Also, I didn’t want to appear redundant when I revisited the articles I previously wrote about. In the end, I started slowly building up confidence to just do a very basic, DIY set up. If it sounds like this podcast was made in an upstairs apartment kitchen, it’s because it was. This production was not intended to sound perfect, but to project creative thoughts and ideas across cyberspace. “Grunge, but classy.” has always been our motto and we plan to keep it that way.

The concept for the podcast came from wanting to talk about subjects that were beyond the articles I had written here on this blog. I wanted to still feature my content without rehashing it all completely on a different platform. I take bits and pieces of what I have written and present the central topic in a new light or in a new creative way. For example: in my second podcast episode, I took the article I wrote about the Harry Potter festival in Oklahoma City and reimagined it towards discussing stereotypes around cosplay. Each episode is a unique spin-off of what I have written previously. I am going in backwards chronological order essentially, but I may skip a few.

Some listeners may wonder, “Why is it always the final episode?” To be blatantly honest, I hate schedules. If it’s always the last episode, then scheduling is no longer an issue. The public will hear it when I am able to create it. In my opinion, the public demands too much out of artists when it comes to creating content. Artists are not puppets for entertainment usage and should not be criticized for how long it takes them to create content. Though there are only 4 episodes, the possibilities are endless for what content will be created in the future. As being one of the few entertainment journalists in Northwest Arkansas actively documenting the art scene, I do my best to help the public get to know all artists featured on this blog.

To follow The Brain Drain Ditch on other social media platforms please visit the all inclusive link at linktr.ee/thebraindrainditch. For folks who are in the Northwest Arkansas area, please check out the tab at the top of the page dedicated to upcoming events in the local NWA area. T.B.D.D. proudly features Fayetteville with a sprinkle of NWA!

HOW to support the T.B.D.D podcast

I encourage everyone to support artists in your local area just like this podcast. run solely on donations. Supporting this podcast is as easy as clicking the link at the bottom of the description of every episode or donate today! .99 cents a month helps keep the dream alive for this Northwest Arkansas artist and it also helps the future promotion of artists, businesses and venues near and far. It’s worth it to help someone who wants to help others.

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