The Brain Drain Ditch– “grunge, but classy”

our mission:

promote ARTISTS & Venues

What kind of artist are you? What kind of art do you create?

Do you sing or write songs? Do you perform in a band? Do you paint, sculpt, write, dance, illustrate, cook, act in theater plays, direct or write movies?

Do you own a venue that helps artists have a place to perform and showcase their art?

Do you own a business that produces, performs or supports art in any form?

Whether you’re a creator or a venue manager, T.B.D.D is here to help promote your aesthetic.


Every week an “Upcoming Events” bulletin is posted (found in the Main Menu tab) consisting of events occurring in the surrounding area of Fayetteville, Arkansas. T.B.D.D distributes cultural knowledge to the public through featured articles about all forms of art.

T.B.D.D utilizes social media outlets to reach audiences in order to bring cultural awareness to the public. T.B.D.D strives to make all expressions of culture brought to the forefront and seen as valued.

Publish articles, Photography, & Video

Types of articles found on T.B.D.D: artist interviews, EP/Album/Single reviews, concert/performance reviews, business highlights, venue overviews, and anything that represents or features art in any form.

Anything written on T.B.D.D has been viewed or experienced on a personal level by the author. All interviews have been conducted in person or in a safe space. All EPs/Albums/Singles have been personally listened to and reviewed in an objective manner. All venues have been personally visited as well.

All photos and video are taken personally by the author or given permission to post by the artist/venue/business being featured. The main T.B.D.D website does not include video unless specified as an art installation or piece. T.B.D.D focuses strictly on photography and the written word. Any video taken will be featured on other social media platforms associated with T.B.D.D.


The geographical term “brain drain” is redefined and used on a philosophical level to help socially and mentally elevate people.

Through introducing and highlighting different creative mediums and culture, T.B.D.D incites the public to pursue finding the metaphorical ditch their brain has drained to.

T.B.D.D brings to the forefront how people can participate in new avenues of artistry or uncover divergent places in order to plug into the experience that is “positive escapism.”

Are you ready to drain your brain?