Y2Kidcore (Art)cade: Stacy Pants

Attention all players: the world you knew is no more. Are you ready to venture into an alternate fantastical nostalgic dimension? LOADING in progress... The art created by Stacy Pants taps into an otherworldly experience unlike no other. The artist does an excellent job of introducing the audience to "kidcore" culture, but also balancing the … Continue reading Y2Kidcore (Art)cade: Stacy Pants

Simeon Basil

When I was at the Six Twelve Coffeehouse & Bar the night before, I randomly met this woman named Christie Walker. It was because of her recommending me to come back to this venue to listen to Simeon Basil (@simeonbasilmusic) that I had the opportunity to engage in an interview with him. How would you … Continue reading Simeon Basil

Harry Potter Festival OKC

To begin this blog, we will start in the past when I first moved to Northwest Arkansas. I visited Oklahoma City's Harry Potter Festival back in October 2016. This type of festival resembles more of an outdoor cosplay convention. An entire street block was sectioned off so people could gather together and show off their … Continue reading Harry Potter Festival OKC