“Brain Drain” Definition

Have you ever felt knowledge leaking out of your brain? Have you ever felt your brain disintegrating because of lack of stimulation? Have you ever wondered if your brain is falling apart from the inside out?

The world has a way of excavating the mind of joy and hope, but we are continuing to plug our mind back up with whatever we can toss into the abyss of the black hole that is essentially now the brain. Here we are relentlessly trying to revive our minds from the draining feeling that is this thing called LIFE.

Typically, “brain drain” is referred to when knowledgeable people move away from an area to go pursue a higher standard of living. Don’t we all want to pursue more within our lives? Have you ever experienced a “brain drain”? Walking away from what you thought you knew to a completely unknown world just to find out it’s worth while than where you were.

This blog is about where you go when you need to drain your brain from the world. What do you mentally plug yourself into to escape? Is it music? Art? Theater? This place is where we go to learn about experiences that aid in our escapism.

Welcome to The Brain Drain Ditch.