Vibe Fusion: Polaroid Panda

Whenever I attend a show and listen to any band, naturally I know what genre I am expecting to hear. It should be common sense right? Usually, but not this time. Polaroid Panda is odd, but unique when it comes to their flavor profile of music. Their style can't be placed in a box or … Continue reading Vibe Fusion: Polaroid Panda

Erin Detherage aka “Dr. Shred”

The last place I expected to spend Samhain/Halloween night was at Tequila Grill in Elkins, AR. I didn't know this restaurant was ever utilized as a music venue at all. As always, I love seeking out new and interesting scenes, but this artist caught my eye immediately due to the nickname "Dr. Shred." Deep down, … Continue reading Erin Detherage aka “Dr. Shred”