Fall Child: At First Glance

At first glance, this hard rock group already looks like they can deliver a high intensity set backed with energetic lyrics. Due to the unconventional use of bass, this causes them to stand out from most bands I have seen in the past. Based out of Northeast Oklahoma, Fall Child is quickly making a name … Continue reading Fall Child: At First Glance

Agony Incorporated: A Glimpse Inside

Though this band's name may appear to reflect carnage and horror, there is a deeper concept underneath. Throughout the lyrics and within the core of their music, Agony Incorporated brings mental health awareness to the forefront and provides listeners a sense of emotional belonging. The intense raw energy during their performance draws immediate attention from … Continue reading Agony Incorporated: A Glimpse Inside

Backwoods Funk: The 1 oz. Jig

Have you ever thought about sitting next to woodland creatures roasting marshmallows and drinking around a campfire out in the woods? As the reader, you have now accepted a quest from The 1 oz. Jig that embarks you on an adventure through the overgrown landscape where 'backwoods funk' rules the forest.Let the experience begin. While … Continue reading Backwoods Funk: The 1 oz. Jig

Pussycat Harlot: SIDE B “The Dirt”

PREVIOUSLY ON Pussycat Harlot: SIDE A... "Fuck KISS. Gene Simmons can lick my balls with his cow tongue. THAT YOU CAN PRINT!"Jay Coxx Have you ever put on a record or cassette and realized you started with SIDE B? This is what half of this interview will feel like at first glance. Don't worry if … Continue reading Pussycat Harlot: SIDE B “The Dirt”

Pussycat Harlot: SIDE A “The Inception”

It was by purely chance that I stumbled upon a raw video clip of this band on social media. My initial reaction was "Is this is a Mötley Crüe cover band?" Impressed with the vocals of the lead singer and their overall stage presence, I was immediately interested in getting to meet Pussycat Harlot to … Continue reading Pussycat Harlot: SIDE A “The Inception”

Vibe Fusion: Polaroid Panda

Whenever I attend a show and listen to any band, naturally I know what genre I am expecting to hear. It should be common sense right? Usually, but not this time. Polaroid Panda is odd, but unique when it comes to their flavor profile of music. Their style can't be placed in a box or … Continue reading Vibe Fusion: Polaroid Panda

Rachel B Table for Three

To see Rachel B Table for Three put on a show is as if being transported to a 1920s speakeasy, but the aesthetic of the band is Grease merged with country rock. This musical couple is only two of the five members of this ensemble, but their rockabilly American roots style music has the ability … Continue reading Rachel B Table for Three

Tears of Poseidon

So, I hope all of you are ready for a band that is alternative and unconventional at the core: Tears of Poseidon. Usually I never get to witness a brand new band perform one of their first gigs, so this was an interesting experience. The show I saw marks their 2nd performance in public to … Continue reading Tears of Poseidon

Erin Detherage aka “Dr. Shred”

The last place I expected to spend Samhain/Halloween night was at Tequila Grill in Elkins, AR. I didn't know this restaurant was ever utilized as a music venue at all. As always, I love seeking out new and interesting scenes, but this artist caught my eye immediately due to the nickname "Dr. Shred." Deep down, … Continue reading Erin Detherage aka “Dr. Shred”

“Coming on Up” with Henry Invisible

Last weekend I got my brain drained to this up and coming, bound for fame funk musician. The most accurate way I know how to describe what I heard is if Elton John, Prince, & Daft Punk all had a baby and birthed forth the music of Henry Invisible. If you have not heard of … Continue reading “Coming on Up” with Henry Invisible