In Lieu by Tao of Lucy

Close your eyes and imagine walking through an empty field in the middle of no man's land. You gaze up in the night sky to discover an obscure colored light beaming down and surrounding your body. While looking down, you find yourself standing inside an elaborately made crop circle design. Panic begins to creep into … Continue reading In Lieu by Tao of Lucy

Pussycat Harlot: SIDE B “The Dirt”

PREVIOUSLY ON Pussycat Harlot: SIDE A... "Fuck KISS. Gene Simmons can lick my balls with his cow tongue. THAT YOU CAN PRINT!"Jay Coxx Have you ever put on a record or cassette and realized you started with SIDE B? This is what half of this interview will feel like at first glance. Don't worry if … Continue reading Pussycat Harlot: SIDE B “The Dirt”