Backwoods Funk: The 1 oz. Jig

Have you ever thought about sitting next to woodland creatures roasting marshmallows and drinking around a campfire out in the woods? As the reader, you have now accepted a quest from The 1 oz. Jig that embarks you on an adventure through the overgrown landscape where 'backwoods funk' rules the forest.Let the experience begin. While … Continue reading Backwoods Funk: The 1 oz. Jig

Blink-182: Arkansas Music Pavilion

It was a cold day in April three years ago when I saw Blink-182 perform at the Arkansas Music Pavilion (AMP) with one of my best friends. They were on tour with their newest album California, but showcased nostalgic songs from their top 3 albums: Enema of the State, Take off Your Pants and Jacket, … Continue reading Blink-182: Arkansas Music Pavilion

Tears of Poseidon

So, I hope all of you are ready for a band that is alternative and unconventional at the core: Tears of Poseidon. Usually I never get to witness a brand new band perform one of their first gigs, so this was an interesting experience. The show I saw marks their 2nd performance in public to … Continue reading Tears of Poseidon

The Mix Tapes

Do you want to relive what it was like listening to the radio in the 90s? This 90's-alternative cover band based out of Springfield, Missouri is full of raw energy and performing spirit. Watching the female lead singer multitask playing 2 different keyboards, various guitars, accordion and hearing her vocal range is an experience all … Continue reading The Mix Tapes

“Coming on Up” with Henry Invisible

Last weekend I got my brain drained to this up and coming, bound for fame funk musician. The most accurate way I know how to describe what I heard is if Elton John, Prince, & Daft Punk all had a baby and birthed forth the music of Henry Invisible. If you have not heard of … Continue reading “Coming on Up” with Henry Invisible

Simeon Basil

When I was at the Six Twelve Coffeehouse & Bar the night before, I randomly met this woman named Christie Walker. It was because of her recommending me to come back to this venue to listen to Simeon Basil (@simeonbasilmusic) that I had the opportunity to engage in an interview with him. How would you … Continue reading Simeon Basil

Jeremiah Griffin

I am always on the look out for new and up and coming music around my area, but I was not expecting to be listening to Jeremiah Griffin that night. To be honest, I was about to just get off of work and then go home, but this show at Six Twelve Coffeehouse & Bar … Continue reading Jeremiah Griffin