LONDON: Nadir D’Priest

Known for being a "training school for rock stars," LONDON has been together since 1979 and continues to crank out hard rock music still today. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to get the chance to talk to Nadir D'Priest. Since 1984, he has been the lead vocalist for LONDON and responsible … Continue reading LONDON: Nadir D’Priest

Pussycat Harlot: SIDE B “The Dirt”

PREVIOUSLY ON Pussycat Harlot: SIDE A... "Fuck KISS. Gene Simmons can lick my balls with his cow tongue. THAT YOU CAN PRINT!"Jay Coxx Have you ever put on a record or cassette and realized you started with SIDE B? This is what half of this interview will feel like at first glance. Don't worry if … Continue reading Pussycat Harlot: SIDE B “The Dirt”