Pussycat Harlot: SIDE B “The Dirt”

PREVIOUSLY ON Pussycat Harlot: SIDE A... "Fuck KISS. Gene Simmons can lick my balls with his cow tongue. THAT YOU CAN PRINT!"Jay Coxx Have you ever put on a record or cassette and realized you started with SIDE B? This is what half of this interview will feel like at first glance. Don't worry if … Continue reading Pussycat Harlot: SIDE B “The Dirt”

Vibe Fusion: Polaroid Panda

Whenever I attend a show and listen to any band, naturally I know what genre I am expecting to hear. It should be common sense right? Usually, but not this time. Polaroid Panda is odd, but unique when it comes to their flavor profile of music. Their style can't be placed in a box or … Continue reading Vibe Fusion: Polaroid Panda

Rachel B Table for Three

To see Rachel B Table for Three put on a show is as if being transported to a 1920s speakeasy, but the aesthetic of the band is Grease merged with country rock. This musical couple is only two of the five members of this ensemble, but their rockabilly American roots style music has the ability … Continue reading Rachel B Table for Three